Japan Society of Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers

2018 JSRAE Annual Conference


This conference will welcome participants of professionals dedicated to theories, experiments, simulations, databases, and applied aspects on all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Attendees will include consulting engineers, design engineers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, researchers and academics.

Technical Sessions and Events

Special Lecture

September 6     @ College of Engineering, Nihon University (Igarashi Hall)
   (Building No.70 1st F)

Organized Sessions (OS)

  Session title Organizer
OS-1 Present Status and Future Development of Compressors Motsuhiro FUKUTA (Shizuoka University)
OS-2 Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena with Solid-Liquid Phase Change Yoshikazu TERAOKA (Kanazawa University)
Tatsunori ASAOKA (Shinshu University)
OS-3 Industrial Heat Pump Choyu WATANABE (Chubu Electric Power) Katsumi HASHIMOTO (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Takenobu KAIDA (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

OS-4 Performance Evaluation of Refrigerators, Air-conditioners and Heat Pump Water Heaters Choyu WATANABE (Chubu Electric Power)
Kiyoshi SAITO (Waseda University)
Nobuya NISHIMURA (Osaka City University)
Tetsuya WAKUI (Osaka Prefecture University)
OS-5 Technological Development in Heat Exchangers Katsumi HASHIMOTO (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Lei GAO (FUKUOKA University)
Chaobin DANG (The University of Tokyo)
OS-6 Thermophysical Properties of Refrigerants Ryo AKASAKA (Kyushu Sangyo University)
OS-7 Refrigerators/Heat Pumps based on Absorption, Adsorption or Chemical Reactions Yonezo IKUMI (Waseda University)
Mitsuhiro KUBOTA (Nagoya University)
Yoshinori HAMAMOTO (Kyushu University)
Takahiko MIYAZAKI (Kyushu University)
OS-8 Refrigeration systems contribute to environmental problems Toyotaka HIRAO (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems,Ltd)
Yoshinori HAMAMOTO (Kyushu University)
OS-9 Application of Simulation Technology for Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Water Heating Seiichi YAMAGUCHI (Waseda University)
Masayuki NONAKA (Hitachi-Johnson Cntrols Air-Conditioning, Inc.)
Koji YAMASHITA (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
Shigeharu TAIRA (Daikin Industries, LTD.)
OS-10 Low Temperature Application and Technology for Food and Biological Materials Teppei IMAIZUMI (Gifu University)
Fumina TANAKA (Kyushu University)
OS-11 Desiccant/Humidity Control/Open Cycle Air Conditioning Seiichi YAMAGUCHI (Waseda University)
Takuya TSUJIGUCHI (Kanazawa University)
Yuki NABESHIMA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Akira AKAHIRA (Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center
OS-12 Phenomena and Application Technology on Frost, Snow and Ice Sho INOUE (National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College)
Hajime ONISHI (Kanazawa University)
Tomohiro NAGANO Daikin Industries, Ltd.

International Session (IS)

Session title Organizer
IS Advancement in HVAC&R Technologies in Asia Kenji TOJO (TOJO R&D Design Office)
Masayuki NONAKA (Hitachi-Johnson Cntrols Air-Conditioning, Inc.)
Naoe SASAKI (Nihon University)

Group Session (GS)

> Each speaker has 20 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion.
> Each keynote speaker has 40 minutes for presentation including discussion.

Workshops (WS)

Workshop title Moderator
WS-1 Geothermal Heat Utilization in Shallow Layer Naoe SASAKI (Nihon University)
Tetsuaki TAKEDA (University of Yamanashi)
WS-2 Heat pump systems connected with global developmentr Shinichi NAKAYAMA (Fuji Electric Co.,LTD)
WS-3 Forefront of Untapped Thermal Energy Utilization Takahiko MIYAZAKI Kyushu University Yonezo IKUMI (Waseda University)
Seiichi YAMAGUCHI (Waseda University)
Mitsuhiro KUBOTA (Nagoya University)
Takuya TSUJIGUCHI (Kanazawa University)
WS-4 The latest HVAC&R technology of natural refrigerants Kiyoshi SAITO (Waseda University)
Masanori KANDO (Mayekawa Manufacturing)
Keisuke OHNO (Waseda University)
WS-5 Trends in Development of Heat Exchangers Mamoru HOUFUKU (Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning)
Isao TSUNODA (Honda R&D)
Masafumi HIROTA Mie University)
WS-6 Trends Frontiers in Biological Heat and Mass Transport Noriyuki KATAOKA (Nihon University)

Seminar (SN)

  Seminar title Moderator
SN-1 Seminar on Compressor Technology Kenji TOJO (TOJO R&D Design Office)


September 6     @ College of Engineering, Nihon University
(Building No.62, Semicentennial Memorial Hall)

Technical Tour

    September 4 (TBD)