Japan Society of Refrigerating and AirConditioning Engineers

2017 JSRAE Annual Conference


This conference will welcome participants of professionals dedicated to theories, experiments, simulations, databases, and applied aspects on all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Attendees will include consulting engineers, design engineers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, researchers and academics.

Technical Sessions and Events

Special Lecture

September 28     @ Tamagawa University UNIVERSITY HALL (Building No.4 on the map)

Commemorative Lecture

September 28      coming soon

Organized Sessions (OS)

  Session title
OS-1 Technological Development in Heat Exchangers
OS-2 Present Status and Future Development of Compressors
OS-3 Worldwide Explansion of Refrigeration Systems
OS-4 Phenomena and Application Technology on Frost, Snow and Ice
OS-5 Fundamentals and Application Fields of Boiling and Cooling
OS-6 Simulation Techniques for Air-conditioners, Chillers and Heat Pump Water Heaters
OS-7 Performance Evaluation of Air-conditioners, Chillers and Heat Pump Water Heaters
OS-8 Desiccant/Humidity Control/Open Cycle Air Conditioning
OS-9 Refrigerators/Heat Pumps based on Absorption, Adsorption or Chemical Reactions
OS-10 Thermophysical Properties of Refgerants
OS-11 Low Temperature Application and Technology for Food and Biological Materials
OS-12 Fundamentals and Application of Supercooling Phenomenon
OS-13 Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena with Solid-Liquid Phase Change
OS-14 Technological Development in Energy Storage, Energy Conservation, and Energy Generation

International Session (IS)

 IS   Advancement in HVAC&R Technologies in Asia

Group Session (GS)

> Each speaker has 20 minutes for presentation including 5 minutes discussion.
> Each keynote speaker has 40 minutes for presentation including discussion.

Workshops (WS)

Workshop title
WS-1 Trends in Development of Heat Exchangers
WS-2 Frontier of Heat Pumps
WS-3 Distributed Energy System and Waste Heat Management Technology/td>
WS-4 Utilization of Geothermal Heat in Shallow Layers

Seminar (SN)

  Seminar title
SN-1 Seminar on Compressor Technology
SN-2 Seminar for Refrigeration Engineers


September 28     @ Tamagawa University (Building No.5 on the map)

Technical Tour

      September 26  coming soon